Benefits of Exterior Cleaning, Charleston:

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Protect Your Investment:

Many people don’t realize how delicate their siding is- or how difficult it can be to clean it safely and effectively. That’s where soft washing comes in. Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses low-pressure to protect your surfaces while still getting them clean.

Peace of Mind:

From start to finish, soft washing your home will be a world-class experience. Our team of professionals will arrive on time and with a smile, ready to provide the best possible service. We’ll gently wash away any dirt, grime, or debris, leaving your home looking new again. And because we use soft washing techniques, you can rest assured that your home will be protected from damage.

Knock It Off Your Honey-do List:

If your home is starting to look grimy, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common issues that homeowners face. But there’s no need to worry, as our professional pressure washing company can easily handle the problem in no time.

Value & Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. Curb appeal is one of the most significant factors potential buyers will consider when viewing a property, and even small details can make a big difference. For instance, ensuring your siding is clean and in good repair can go a long way toward boosting curb appeal. Our soft washing process is gentle on siding materials while removing dirt, grime, and other build-up. Whether you’re just considering putting your home on the market or already in the middle of showings, we can help you give your property the boost it needs to stand out from the competition.

Less Bugs & Growth:

Algae, organic growth, mold, and mildew can provide the perfect breeding ground for those annoying creepy crawlers around your home. Our soft washing process leaves your home looking clean, smelling fresh, and dramatically reduces the presence of bugs & insects.

Soft Washing Technique:

Soft washing is a low-pressure exterior cleaning method that uses a combination of solutions and water to remove dirt, algae, and other buildups from the exterior of your home. Soft washing is the safest process for pressure cleaning because it uses low-pressure and high-volume pumps to deliver the cleaning solution to the surface. This low-pressure, high-volume combination creates a gentle yet effective cleaning action that will not damage your home.

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